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About Hone

Hone powers turn-key interactive content that fuel editorial, activation, conversation and research by asking questions with images and text. The Hone platform lets brands & publishers make content fun while harvesting powerful consumer insights—building positive brand affinity, driving conversions and activating social virality. Using this methodology yields much of the same quality of insight as a survey platform but provides respondents with a notably more entertaining user experience.

Entertaining your audiences while asking them questions works—especially on mobile: Today, people have answered Hones tens of millions of times. Hones average start rates over 60% and completion rates over 80%.


Andrew Heckler

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is an experienced VC with interests in Tech Investing; Clean Tech Investing, marketing and strategy; as well as Utility Scale Solar Development. Andrew was the lead CleanTech consultant for Sequoia Capital from 2006-2009, where he was responsible for sourcing and vetting opportunities across all verticals.

Matt Kernes

Lead Engineer

Matt is a full-stack web developer with an emphasis on content delivery, social engagement, and voting systems. Formerly Lead Web Developer at Telescope TV, Matt has a specialization in software and infrastructure logistics for web, SOA, and SaaS applications. As well, he is a mentor and coding tutor for junior developer and is actively researching and building cloud-compute projects for task-farms.

Andy Burke


Andy is a full-stack developer with experience in web, mobile, gaming and social. An experienced technical leader focused on data-driven development, metrics and iteration, Andy thrives in start-up environments. He is also active in the open source and Los Angeles developer communities.

Jamie Teahan

VP of Client Services

Jamie is a veteran digital media professional with nearly a decade of experience. From client relations to product management, her diverse background is well-suited for transforming a budding startup into a well-oiled machine. She is also a master of making granola and aggressive driving.

Alec Emmons

Creative Director

Alec has been fusing traditional, arcane, and digital creative concepts together for 15 years, he is also a founder of Portland-based Soekan Design. Possessing a lifelong passion of the esoteric and aesthetic, his work has appeared on TV, Film, Billboards, online, in-store displays & packaging, posters, CDs & Vinyl.