Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls in a new, beautiful dimension

A fully-customizable editorial tool with top shelf design, data and analytics.

Hone is the premier enterprise solution that publishers and brands trust for native quizzes, surveys, and polls.
Hone is Your Complete Content Marketing Solution.Editorial Tool

The Complete Content Marketing Solution

Create consistently engaging social content across all media properties. Increase engagement, time-on-site, RPM, Impression volume, sponsorship revenue, and brand ROI. And collect targeted data. All at the same time.

Hone Achieves Deeper Engagement and Higher Conversion.Social Engagement
Hone is Easy to Setup, and Offers Full Editorial Control.Customizable Design

Easy Setup, Full Editorial Control

From design to features, Hones are easy to make and fully customizable for seamless integration. Create engaging content in minutes and design beautiful templates for your brand.

Hone Offers Best-In-Class, Real-Time Metrics and Data Collection.Data Collection

Easy Data Collection, Real-Time Metrics

Social, Demographic, Audience, and Consumer Data at your fingertips.
Discover how engaged your audience really is: what they like, where they are, and who they’re sharing their experiences with.

Hones are Embeddable Everywhere and Function Flawlessly on Every Device and Screen Size.Embeds Everywhere

Embeddable Everywhere, Multi-Screen Functionality

Hones embed with a simple copy and paste across platforms, optimized for mobile and desktop interaction.

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